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Kathy shares her story of resiliency and healing when faced with an unimaginable situation taking her family from the comfort of a small town in New England, to the city of Buffalo while her now ex-husband was investigated and eventually served time for a Federal crime leaving her alone to be a single parent to their 3 children, and become financially responsible for the family.

Through the stages of incarceration, to divorce, dating, co-parenting, a new career, and reinventing herself along the way, she shares how she has created the peace and stability, and joy in her life that she craved for so long.

Identifying her own codependent behaviors (people pleasing, denial, lack of boundaries, and more) and taking responsibility for her own choices, led her to heal and repair .all of her relationships with her children, her family, friends, coworkers, money, food, and especially herself.

No matter what transition you face: divorce, death of a loved one, empty nest, graduation, or career change connecting to yourself and practicing self-care will give you the trust in yourself to create a life you love.


Organizations I've worked with

Kathy is an official #IamRemarkable facilitator. #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.

“Kathy is such an effective and impactful communicator because she doesn’t talk from an ivory tower. Kathy pulls from the life lessons she’s learned and tells compelling stories that keep you engaged. Kathy is incredibly smart but extremely relatable which makes her someone I love learning from. Highly recommend her for any audience.”

Scott MacGregor
The Outlier Project

“Kathy is an incredible speaker and gifted human. She has a strong combination of translating emotion into words in a way that truly helps her audience. Kathy comes from a place of positivity and care that really resonates. If you are looking for a humble, empathetic speaker that drives thoughtful conversation, here she is!”

Thomas Doherty

“Kathy Leckey’s Ted talk “The Choices We Make” is an absolute must watch. Pay attention, listen and take notes because it will change your life ! Her transparency and authenticity shines through and is contagious. By the end of the talk you’ll feel like you’ve known her forever. You’ll be hard pressed to find more of a “real” person.”

Ken Landin
Crossroads Brewing Company

“Kathy is an extremely authentic and inspirational speaker! She shares powerful life lessons in a way we can all relate to, and even more importantly, inspires us to take action. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Dan Pfister
WinBack Labs