Recognize how codependent thoughts, beliefs & behaviors are behind the overwhelm, exhaustion, and constant chaos.

Transform your life by learning to trust, forgive, & love yourself enough to set healthy boundaries.

Break the patterns and create healthy relationships at work, at home & especially with yourself.



I will help you identify and heal codependent thoughts, beliefs & behaviors, that get in the way of setting boundaries, low self-esteem, and patterns of people-pleasing to allow YOU to create an empowered life.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and healing.


  • B.S. Education with a minor in Behavioral Psychology
  • Certificates in Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Life Coaching, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Joe Vitale, The Secret, EFT & TFT 
  • TEDx speaker ("The Choices We Make"), organizer & mentor
  • Author of My Self Care Sh*t: The Workbook 
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Contributing author in the Standing O! book series
  • Self-Care Coach
  • 2022 SHEro Award recipient

Also Me:

  • Mother of 3 adult children
  • Divorced & co-parented
  • From being financially devastated to buying my own home 
  • Entrepreneur/Multiple jobs
  • Repaired and rebuilt healthy relationships with my children
  • From online dating & unhealthy entanglements to healthy relationship
  • Friend, sister, daughter...
  • Grew up in Western New York
  • Live on the Connecticut Shoreline 


I took my family from the comfort of a small town in New England to the city of Buffalo while my now ex-husband was investigated and eventually served time for a Federal crime, leaving me alone to be a single parent to our 3 children.

Through the stages of incarceration, to divorce, dating, co-parenting, a new career, and reinventing myself along the way. I created the peace and stability, and joy in life that I craved for so long.

The codependency coaching sessions are tailored to your individual needs. You will gain greater awareness of the emotions and thoughts behind your choices and develop transformational tools to improve your relationships and overall well-being. 

Take Your Life to the Next Level
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